CCS Artistry

Clayton Swenson | 20 | College student. This blog is where I display my Artwork, Photography, and video edits. Everything displayed is created by me. enjoy. *Please note that this is a side blog.

Please do not use my work without my consent, thank you.

For all you artists out there. What fountain pen, ink combo would you recommend for general line drawing? Never have used one before but I want to learn.

Why not another
Working on some line-art between commissions to keep my hand steady.
(But I really should be studying for class instead)
Your art is so perfect. Stay amazing!! ♬

Oh man, thank you very much! I will try, you stay amazing yourself :D

Quick Warm-up sketch.
CS Paint
Cue generic anime girl illustration.
My crappy marker work of (one) my Dark Souls characters
The messy stage.
Don’t mind the background, I had to flip the knight because he needed to be right handed. I’ll fix the inconsistent light source :}


"i still have that drawing you did for me from 6 years ago"


Heide Knight Line art update
Another Sketch. This time a Heide Knight.