CCS Artistry

Clayton Swenson | 20 | College student. This blog is where I display my Artwork, Photography, and video edits. Everything displayed is created by me. enjoy. *Please note that this is a side blog.

Please do not use my work without my consent, thank you.
Why not another
Working on some line-art between commissions to keep my hand steady.
(But I really should be studying for class instead)
Your art is so perfect. Stay amazing!! ♬

Oh man, thank you very much! I will try, you stay amazing yourself :D

Quick Warm-up sketch.
CS Paint
Cue generic anime girl illustration.
My crappy marker work of (one) my Dark Souls characters
The messy stage.
Don’t mind the background, I had to flip the knight because he needed to be right handed. I’ll fix the inconsistent light source :}


"i still have that drawing you did for me from 6 years ago"


Heide Knight Line art update
Another Sketch. This time a Heide Knight.
Kind of a crappy sketch mostly from memory of a late boss in Dark Souls II. But I’ve been dormant for too long so I’ll throw it up!

Now that I’ve completed a play-through of Dark Souls II, you guys can bet there will be some fan-art coming in the future :D